Revolutionary New Technology in place of Bi Folding or Patio Door Systems

Why choose a New Wave door?

The number 1 advantage to a New Wave door is the universal flexibility it offers. In our predominantly wet and windy country customers on average only use their bi-folding door a handful of times a year, as you can only fully open or if partially open you are left with a bulky and cumbersome concertina compromise.

As a New Wave door operates without the need for any hinges, we eradicate the risk of door panels dropping which is a major problem associated with bi-folding doors. This means the operation of the door remains the same from day 1 to day 10001.

All panels fully interlock into each other with a double rebated weather and security seal which delivers increased performance compared to its contemporary’s.

Apart from one master door handle, all hardware is completely concealed which provides an increased level of aesthetics.

In a time where real estate is at an all time high a New Wave door means you do not have to lose valuable internal or external space opening your doors like you would with a bi-fold.

Always arrives in kit form for ease of transportation and access on to site.

The question should not be why choose a New Wave door it should be why wouldn’t you.