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We are Hertfordshire’s trusted manufacturer, supplier and installer of windows, doors, conservatories, and balustrade systems.

At Scanda’s inception, we agreed to do our utmost to ensure that all our customers, both domestic and commercial, would benefit from a personalised service which is second to none. We have cultivated a reputation for professionalism, expert craftsmanship, materials of the highest quality and an exceptional level of service.

We offer a range of quality products for installation in every type of building imaginable. Our windows, doors and curtain walling products are manufactured from extremely durable extruded aluminium, with a tough protective finish for a strong, low-maintenance product that’s built to last. We offer a variety of standard and special glazing options for optimal performance and design flexibility, including double and triple glazing, selective coatings, argon or krypton gas, and tempered or laminated glass.

Our partners are widely recognised as leading suppliers of finely crafted products which have been used in high-profile construction and renovation projects across Europe.

We welcome conversations with trade and domestic customers, architects and property managers.

Call us on 020 8386 2386.

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