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Scanda Window and Door Services Limited fabricate a range of non-structural Curtain Wall Systems. Our systems are manufactured from an array of aluminium extrusions to accommodate the façade of any building. Our Curtain Walling Systems are designed to take either single or double glazed units. The Curtain Wall façade does not carry any dead-load weight from the building, other than its own structural weight. The Curtain Wall transfers horizontal wind loads that are incident upon it, to the main building structure, through connections at floor level or columns.

Curtain Walling is designed to take into account seismic forces acting on the building and its own structural load weight forces. Curtain Wall extrusion differs from shopfront section, insofar as they are designed to span multiple floors and to take into account design requirements, such as thermal expansion and contraction and movement in the building.

Additionally, the sections are designed to be weather-tight and thermally efficient, to reduce heating, cooling and lighting in a building.

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