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Scanda’s security shutters and grilles, are suitable for domestic and commercial applications including industrial premises, private homes, shopfronts, schools, hospitals and many types of commercial units. Security shutters and grille systems are available in a range of styles and finishes. The type or style of shutter or grille you will need, will be dependent on the application and level of security required.

Our security shutters can be electrically or manually operated, to suit your particular requirements. More and more, security shutters are now being fitted with electrical controls for the ease of operation. Electric shutters can be remotely controlled if required and fitted with fobs, swipe cards or control boxes.

Manual shutters are operated with either a chain or cord system, rod and crank and spring and lock operation. Scanda’s security shutters and grilles are designed, not only look good, but to afford you the solution to securing your property. Additionally, our products are virtually maintenance-free,

The securrity systems Scanda install are insurance approved, having undergone stringent testing. Many of our systems are approved by the Loss Prevention & Certification Board (LPCB) and have achieved Secured By Design accreditation.

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